It's crucial for programmers to know how to write.

Here's why.
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Send better emails.

Tired of poor response rates? Once you're writing short, snappy, entertaining emails, you'll never wait on a reply again.
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Write better reports.

Make your coworkers look forward to that 65-page report.

Aja’s no-nonsense writing style is crisp, clean, to the point, and yet entertaining and easy to read. I’ve been a writer and editor for 30 years and I’ve learned things here!

(Review of Aja's previous book)

Glen M.

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Produce better content.

Want to be a thought leader? Contribute content to a publication, or update your personal blog? Now you can.
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Get better at your job.

Every role—from engineering and sales to marketing and finance—incorporates writing. Once you've mastered the craft, you'll make every word count.
Hey there, I'm Aja! I believe in the power of good writing—and hopefully, I can help you boost your own writing skills.

Aja Frost Writer

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Aja Frost